Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baiting Your Audience

According to the article “Newspapers: Hook ‘Em Online” Luring new readers means connecting with them on the Internet through blogs, live online chats and interactive databases.

Jim Brady, vice president and executive editor of washingtonpost.com, said that due to a steady decline in newspaper advertising and circulation, building communities of readers online is essential:
We’re in a battle every day for traffic. People are very, very sporadic on how they use the Web and the sites they go to.
Another key way to attracting readers is by creating online databases. A person can go online to explore a database that allows them to search public records by typing in an address and receiving information on what a neighbor paid for their home.

Attempting to attract readers by targeting them online is a genius movement in the news world because so many of their readers are online consumers. They frequent blogs, live in online chat rooms and use interactive databases to search for all of their informational needs. Reaching out to an audience by starting on their level is a great way to gain attention, understanding and appreciation because it is from a level playing field that they know and are already fluent in.

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